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या Jeep Wrangler V8 Hellcat एक मशीन आहे

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या Jeep Wrangler is quite a machine. It mounts the V8 Hellcat engine hidden in Dodge's SRT Hellcat versions. Its sound is incredible, its strength more than enough and its capabilities of madness.

As you know, the SRT Hellcat versions are the most powerful that we can find in the Dodge Charger and Challenger range. Actually, they are the most radical of this offer and are among the most muscular on the entire planet. And it is that, they are more than 700 horsepower in both cases, a mechanics that despite being supercharged has an incredible sound. Dakota Customs has had a great idea, to join this fantastic V8 Hellcat engine to the Jeep Wrangler, Jeep jl sport sequential turn signas look great on the vehicle, resulting in an SUV capable of everything.

If on the one hand we have one of the best engines available and on the other, one of the most capable SUVs ever made, it is not difficult to imagine that if we put both parts together, the result can be crazy. This is precisely what Dakota Customs has achieved, those responsible for installing the powerful V8 Hellcat engine that powers Dodge's SRT Hellcat under the skin of the American SUV. Strength, sound, capabilities, this SUV lacks nothing, and there is also evidence of its good work.

The same company is offering this radical preparation that, in addition to including the V8 Hellcat engine, a mechanic that develops 717 horsepower in the mentioned versions, offers the customer a new exhaust system signed by Borla, a Walbro fuel pump. and other mechanical adjustments that make the whole work in a balanced way. A job they are proud of, as the brand will not produce a Jeep with similar characteristics.

Although one of the keys to the success of the SRT Hellcat models is their price, since it is not exorbitant seeing what they are capable of doing, this preparation that mounts the same engine is not cheap. In total we are talking about about 50,000 euros that would have to be added to the starting price of the Wrangler. An amount that could increase more than 4,000 euros if we choose some accessories available as an option. 
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